The R-Team – When old people strike back, Sat.1

This new candid cam show turns the world upside down. This time old people play their tricks on the youngsters. In eight episodes our elderly persons go out on the streets to create chaos and laughter. SEO coproduced the show with Redseven Entertainment. On 27th of August 2010 this new show starts at 22.45h on Sat.1.

It’s Magic, RTL2

Our new candid cam show “It’s magic” is all about bringing back the comedy into magic! This one hour show for German broadcaster RTL2 features clueless people who experience magic in their daily routines.

Airing: 15th of August, 04.00 pm

Celebrity format for Red Bull

In spring 2010 SEO Entertainment is producing six innovative and unique one-hour celebrity docu-drama-shows for the international Red Bull Mediahouse. Stay tuned!

League of Balls, Pro7

This Saturday, July 17th, the first of eight live shows “League of Balls” is going to air at 11.15 pm hosted by our charming Charlotte Engelhard. The show is a co-production of Red Seven Entertainment and SEO.

Within two months Pro7 is looking for the coolest and toughest guy in Germany. Dozens of contestants have faced the hardest dares one can imagine. The viewers vote for their favourite live!

Wissen ist Macht, RTL2

In our new science magazine of it’s own kind “Wissen ist Macht” host Micky Beisenherz looks into the most important questions for all MEN(kind).

Can you destroy a car with pure muscle power? How to drive a gigantic tank? How much can the human body bear – penned in a plane with a multiple of acceleration of gravity?

Knowledge, science, comedy and a huge portion of coolness – that’s “Wissen ist Macht”.

Airing: August 22nd, 2010 at 4.00 pm



In Summer 2010 Pro7 airs eight episodes of our new prank-call comedy series Phreak. On Tuesdays, starting 11.15 pm, not a single phone in Germany is safe from our PHREAK. Acting as various characters he calls random people and drives them to desperation… while our viewers roar with laughter!

Sido goes to the polls – General Election 2009, Pro7

On the occasion of the 2009 General Elections in Germany the country’s most famous rapper Sido explained how politics work. He met famous politicians like Frank-Walter Steinmeier who candidated for chancellor. Sido tried to encourage young people to vote. The show achieved a market share of 21,9% in the core target group (14-29 years) and became the second most successful show dealing with the General Elections in 2009. In February 2010 “Sido goes to the polls” got nominated for the prestigious Adolf Grimme Award.

Episodes: 1 Special
Duration: 90 Min gross
Genre: political docutainment
Broadcaster: ProSieben
Year: 2009

Project Paradise – Seasons III and IV, Pro7

Project Paradise: Four celebrities face the most challenging experience of their lives: travelling to the Carribean Island St. Lucia without eating anything for one week. The show is all about their fasting cure!

Episodes: 10
Duration: 12 Minuten gross each
Genre: Celebrity-Docutainment
Broadcaster: ProSieben
Year: January and March 2010